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Going Beyond Shallow Understanding

Thanks to readily available kits, DIY articles, and web resources, it’s a simple matter to cobble together a functional circuit with little real understanding of the underlying electronics. The circuit description for an audible siren kit might read something like “Q1 and Q2 form an astable multivibrator.” At some level, this may be adequate. However, if you’re interested in truly understanding an astable multivibrator — or any other circuit for that matter — you have to dig deeper.


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The State of Arduino

Massimo Banzi, co-founder of the Arduino Project gives a heads up about the state of Arduino and talks a little about the new sister brand they will introduce called Genuino.  Genuino (“genuine” in Italian) - perhaps named because of how easy it was to find knock-offs of the Ardunio... They also announced they will start a partnership up with Adafruit to manufacture and distribute Ardunio boards in the US.

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CHIP - The World’s First Nine Dollar Computer

Back this Kickstarter for just under $10 and you get a computer with 1Ghz and 512MB of DDR3 RAM. C.H.I.P. is powerful enough to run real software, and handle the demands of a full GUI just as well as it handles attached hardware. CHIP also runs mainline Linux, which means it’s easier than ever to keep teaching it new tricks without inheriting a pile of kernel patches. Our favorite part about this kickstarter isn't just the price, its the fact that source code for the System on Chip and Power Management Chips used in C.H.I.P. will be all be open source.

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Windows 10 ‪#‎ArduinoCertified‬

Massimo Banzi is in San Francisco attending Build Conference, the biggest developer event of the calendar year for Microsoft. And today Microsoft is announcing a strong partnership with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel’s Minnowboard Max, and Hackster.IO!  Windows 10 is in fact the world’s first Arduino certified operating system! ‘Arduino Certified’  Windows 10 enables makers to easily create smart objects combining hardware-driving capability of Arduino with the software capabilities of Windows. Windows Remote Arduino and Windows Virtual Shield for Arduino, were both released today as open source libraries.


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Save Time and Money Making CNC Halloween Decorations

When my friend,Vern asked me if I'd write an article for Nuts & Volts demonstrating how to create a Halloween decoration tombstone on a CNC router, I was psyched. I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to show off all you can do with CNC machines. So, I agreed to give it a shot.



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